Sunday, 8 May 2011


This flower fairy is from a magazine not sure if i got all the colours spot on but i think it looks ok. i plan to get it framed as i do like flower fairies.
Started stitching nelson and tibbs free kit.

Been doing abit more stitching than normal due to millie dog having a tumour removed so ive been keeping my beady eye on her to make sure the stitches are scratched out. i take her back vets tomorrow (monday) for a checkup as her friday checkup the incision was inflammed so had anti inflammatries and seems alot better. the vets plan is if its healed ok to remove stitches on friday but because of inflammation im not sure if they will. poor dog's not been aloud to run, jump etc all things she loves doing, also had to wear a buster collar(plastic cone as we call it).
I ordered my new glasses on thursday as ive been getting migraines and had a eye test and the current prescription is too strong so no wonder im getting migraines. the new glasses are having anti fatigue lenses as the optician thought they would suit what im doing eg stitching. the anti fatigue as he termed it are pre varifocals. mum kindly paid for them after paying £240 on vets bills. we couldnt find £300+ for new glasses but my dad insisted i had them this month and we pay them back.


  1. She does look lovely! So many people on FB have complained about the threads, maybe WOCS will pay attention and pre-sort them next time they do a complicated one like this.

    £300 on glasses!! You shoulda gone to Specsavers :-) They are the only place I can afford to buy glasses from. I have -6 on both eyes which would cost a fortune from anywhere else but Specsavers. I only pay a little extra for the lightweight plastic and get a free pair of sunglasses for the same price as anyone else. I usually choose from the £80-90 frames.

    Stitching the over 1 on dark Alphabet has made me realised my focal length is currently 3 inches so I have to hold the fabric really close to stitch!

  2. im very wary of big name chains of opticians. ive got complex lenses that cost more as the are shrunk otherwise they would be bottle tops lol. as i child i went thru the hospital and the idiots there over prescribed my lenses ending with my eye getting worse quicker. im -10 in one eye the other isnt quite that bad and this is with them improving lol. my frames werent much more £99 its the lenses that cost the amount. also the customer service is really good and as dan wears glasses(long sighted) they are great with him as hes got a concentration problem but they explain what they are doing and the fact your seeing the same opticians each time helps.
    as for the fairy im sure i mixed the browns up but when comaring to some of my dmc they didnt match any of the browns. i do wish they had pre sorted them but im a stubborn sort and wouldnt let it beat me. im the same have to get real close at times to stitch but the new glasses will have anti fatigue lenses which slightly get stronger by the bottom of the glasses which he reckoned would help with stitched and reading.