Monday, 21 March 2011


This is the pincushion i stitched over the weekend it was a free kit from britians no1 cross stitcher. Its not bad im not great at normal sewing so im quite happy with the finished thing. The picture isnt very good as i scanned it because for some silly reason if i plug the camera into my laptop it knocks my internet off.
Im back to stitching on wnter rose(lavender and lace) im quite pleased with how its going not too much to do over half done.


  1. Very nice. I got the mag yesterday so will start this when I've finished my Lisa Roswell piece.

    Regarding the camera vs internet - do you have two USB ports in your computer or just one shared one?
    Silly question but I'm always unplugging t'internet instead of the printer when I put my camera in!!
    The alternative is to load the photos from the camera into a folder then remove the camera lead and load the photos onto t'internet from the folder. More time-consuming but it does mean you have a version of the pic on your drive as well as online.

  2. we have wireless broadband so nothing plugged into my laptop. i think its just my laptop as it loses internet even thou hubby upstairs doesnt. ive got 4 usb ports on the laptop.